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Build A Small Footprint Solar Home!    Watch the video

of setting up this 400sf home at the show:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ilztEW9qko Avalon House EcoBuilders
displayed their prototype 400sf solar home at the PEI Home Show in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada.  The panelized house was built in our shop, loaded into a U-Haul truck and brought to the show in the morning.  By noon the next day the house was ready for visitors. 

    The show was a great success.  The surprising part was how many people were already thinking small, and could visualize living in a well-designed 400-800sf space.  More Photos


Eco Renovation of Circa 1850 House

We purchased a property on the SW coast of PEI with a circa 1850 home, a studio and a large barn.  All the buildings were in good condition, but in need of renovation. 
Especially important to us was getting light and solar gain into the living areas of the home.  The renovation included installing all new windows and doors, insulating the basement and covering the dirt floor with gravel, turning the old porch into a sunroom, creating a new modern kitchen, opening up the downstairs spaces into a bright, open concept living area, putting in a second floor bathroom, removing layers of plywood and linoleum and refinishing the old wood floors, upgrading the wiring, installing a floor to ceiling bookcase and reworking the chimney in the living room, and renovating the three upstairs bedrooms.    More Photos

750sf Home Overlooking Crowbush Golf Course, PEI

This small solar home, located next to one of the premier golf courses in the northeast, is being constructed as a seasonal residence for a couple from US. 
The home has the cross section of our standard 800sf 1-1/2 story eco home, but with a two story modification on the side facing the golf course.  Downstairs there is an Entry/Laundry, Kitchen, Dining Area, Bathroom and Living Area with an extension that comfortably fits twin couch/beds.  Upstairs is a bedroom, open space with entertainment centre (could be a second bedroom), a half bath, and an upper loft.  Bedrooms have exterior upper level decks.  A wall-mounted electric fireplace provide heat and atmosphere.  More Photos

Eco Addition to Existing Apartment Building

For this exiting project in Charlottetown, PEI we designed and built a two apartment addition to an existing historic apartment building. 
The first step was to demolish the existing addition that was in very poor condition.  We then built the foundation and walls using an advanced ICF construction system, and framed in the roof with conventional rafters that provided good depth for spray foam insulation.  Stucco siding and metal roof give a very low maintenance exterior.  The downstairs apartment is wheelchair accessible with 2 bedrooms and a propane fireplace.  The upstairs apartment has a exterior deck, one bedroom, large living/kitchen/dining area a bathroom.   More Photos

Century Home Eco Renovation

This was a really fun project, renovating and upgrading a 2600sf century home.  All exterior walls and ceilings were stripped of the original lath and plaster, insulated with spray foam, and refinished.  Wood casings to match the existing trim were milled and installed.   
   The kitchen was completely redesigned, new custom cabinets built and efficient new appliances purchased.  A heat pump was installed in a central location on the main level, and it heats the entire home with air circulation through the stairwell and a central air grate in the ceiling. The old brick chimney had to be removed and replaced with a new stainless steel one.  The flue is used for a high-efficiency wood stove that provides abundant warmth and a cozy atmosphere.  More Photos

800sf Solar Home near Charlottetown, PEI

This is a classic version of our standard 800sf small footprint solar home. 
The home is located as part of a family complex of houses.  It faces due south (as all solar homes should), and was built on an insulated slab using our pre-built wall panel system.  The home has infloor heating and a propane fireplace stove.  Downstairs there is an Entry/Laundry, Kitchen, Dining Area, Living Area, Bedroom and Bath. Upstairs has two bedrooms, a 1/2 Bath, and a balcony area open to below.  More Photos

Eco Addition to Existing Home

In this project we designed one of our 800sf eco home to be used as an addition to a small one-story home occupied by a family of four. 
The addition provides abundant living space on three levels.  The main level has an Entry with laundry closet and an open concept Kitchen and Living Area.  The Dining space is a large counter with stools as part of the Kitchen.  New staircases provide access to a Family Room upstairs and an insulated finished Workshop in the lower level.   Stucco siding gives a low maintenance exterior with colour matching the existing building. More Photos

400sf Solar Home In The Woods

The prototype 400sf home that we displayed at the PEI Home Show (see above) was purchased by a local chef/musician for his land in central PEI. 
The owner is quite tall, and he wanted a “tall home”.  To accommodate, we modified the south wall to two story while keeping the gable ends our standard 1-1/2 story cross section.  The first floor extensions provide an Entry and extended Living space.  Features include infloor heat, exposed wood interior, metal roof and upper level decks.   More Photos

Kitchen Renovation, Charlottetown, PEI

This renovation was really fun.  With the owner, a friend with a small historic home in the middle of
town, we completely re-envisioned the rather dark, separate kitchen and back entry space into a spacious, modern Kitchen with lots of light and an efficient, open Entry area.  Working with limited budget and space, we were able to create a comfortable, inspiring space in keeping with the home’s traditional character.  More Photos

Leading Edge Eco House

Late 2013 Avalon House EcoBuilders completed a leading edge eco home in the Strawberry Hill subdivision of Stratford, PEI. 
The home is a large version of our standard design, and has many innovative features:  an 8kW solar electric system, passive solar design, in-floor heating throughout, wood beam ceilings, second floor sunroom and decks, lower level walkout with solar terrace, and a two car garage with electric vehicle charger.  More Photos

Small Footprint Eco Home in Covehead, PEI

Avalon House EcoBuilders designed and built this 1200sf eco home in Covehead, PEI.  The owners have been living full time in the home
for three years and are impressed with its performance.  “We heat the home with a modest-size propane fireplace stove centrally located on the main level...even in the coldest months we only have the stove operating part time.”  The home features ICF walls with stucco siding, metal roof, super-insulation, exposed wood beams, second floor bedrooms with lofts above, passive solar gain and energy and water conserving features throughout.   More Photos

3000sf Solar Home & Business Space

Having a small eco footprint doesn’t have to mean living in a very small home, provided the design and construction methods are efficient. 
This home was designed and built by Avalon House Ecobuilders’ owner Kevin Jeffrey as his personal residence, office and workshop.  Residential space comprises 1600sf of the total, with approx. 1400sf used as business space.  Built in 1997, the home features wood beams and ceilings, stucco siding, metal roof, super insulation, abundant glass on the south side, “historic home” appearance on the north exterior, sauna, central wood fireplace stove, infloor heating using an efficient propane condensing boiler/hot water heat, .  More Photos

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