Kevin Jeffrey, Founder and President

Kevin has been actively involved with renewable energy and sustainable technologies for over 35 years. He graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering in 1975.
In 1976 he became vice-president of Earthworks West solar company in Colorado, and later a partner in a solar design firm in Vermont.  He has designed and built solar homes and renewable power systems in the US and Canada, including the solar/wind system in the PEI National Park at Greenwich, and solar water pumping systems for PEI cattle farms. Kevin has written extensively on renewable power for home and marine use. He is the owner and founder of NorseBoat Sailing & Rowing Cruisers, and also helped found ACORN (The Atlantic Canadian Organic Regional Network) and served as its first executive director. 


Avalon House EcoBuilders has the experience to help our clients create elegant, efficient eco homes, cottages, studios, additions...even complete farm-based communities!  

    Avalon House EcoBuilders provides design, construction, consulting and project management services for any size project, both new construction and renovation of existing structures.  We can also provide panelized eco home kits that can be shipped to your site for assembly.

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- Promoting sensible green concepts and technologies

- Creating inspiring “small footprint” eco homes, tiny houses and additions

- Preserving farms with organic production and small-scale farm-based communities