We offer a selection of Small Footprint Eco Homes. These high quality, affordable dwellings range from small houses, studios and cottages to larger primary residences with business space or in-law suite attached.  The larger structures have a small footprint in terms of the resources they use, and the smaller dwellings can be surprisingly spacious. 

    Standard sizes for the main structures are:

12ft x 18ft   

16ft x 24ft   

20ft x 30ft   

24ft x 36ft

  Other footprints can be accommodated.  First floor spaces typically include open-concept Living/Dining/Kitchen, Bath/Laundry and Stairwell, plus Entry/Mudroom and first level Bedroom/Studio located in small one-level additions off the gable ends.  The flat roofs of these additions can be used as upper level decks and green spaces, and provide excellent egress for upper level sleeping spaces.  The Mudroom/Entry can lead to a Garage/Studio, allowing for easy expansion in the future.Second floor spaces include 1-3 Bedrooms with a Common Area between, a half or full Bath, and storage or sleeping Lofts above the Bedrooms.

    Small Footprint Eco Home designs are typically 1-1/2 story with 3ft knee walls upstairs (north and south walls) and 12/12 pitch roofs  with skylights and optional thermal or electric solar systems.  In our Small Footprint Eco Homes the insulation line typically follows the roof line, so all of the interior space below the rafters is livable.


Small Footprint Eco Homes blend heritage exterior designs with elegant, comfortable modern interiors.  They are fun to live in and easy to heat and maintain, perfect for today’s homeowners who want an inspiring,  efficient place to live while keeping mortgage and maintenance costs low.

The advantages of our Small Footprint Eco Homes include:
  1. Classic designs with well proportioned exterior lines

  2. Large south-facing windows and skylights

• Cozy, elegant, light-filled interiors

• Super-efficient solar design and construction

• Inspiring design features inside and out

• Low resource use, very low heating and maintenance costs

• Affordability, with options for owner-assisted construction

• Expandability to provide for future needs


Our Small Footprint Eco Homes are constructed using site-built or prebuilt insulated wall panels.  Our wall panels provide excellent thermal insulation and very efficient use of materials, and they minimize construction time on the job site.  We can also build a Small Footprint Eco Home using Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) construction.                   

    Features of our Small Footprint Eco Homes include infloor heating; metal roofing; low maintenance stucco or locally produced wood siding; passive solar gain with provisions for active solar energy; smart, efficient systems, fixtures and appliances; exposed wood beam and deck ceilings; a central fireplace or fireview stove (wood, pellet or propane); and upper level lofts and decks.

    Our homes can be placed on a full foundation (with lower level walk-out to the south), a concrete slab on grade, or a wood deck on posts.

The time is right for elegant, efficient, affordable eco homes.

If the time is right for you, please contact us to discuss your next project. 


Small Footprint Eco Homes

- Promoting sensible green concepts and technologies

- Creating inspiring “small footprint” eco homes, tiny houses and additions

- Preserving farms with organic production and small-scale farm-based communities

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